Re-printing or E-mailing a Client Invoice

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To re-print an existing Client Invoice, select Accounting - Client Invoices / Finance Charges to display the Client Invoices / Finance Charges Window and click the Existing Tab on that window.  Then, click the Re-Print button which will open the Re-Print Client Invoice Window shown below.


reprint client invoice window


Style:  The style represents the format of the Invoice - either Commercial or Residential.  This will default to the style originally selected when first generating the Client Invoice.


Pictures: Select the Pictures option to display the optional image from the Item Window - Picture Tab for each Item included on the Invoice.

E-mail:  The E-mail option will allow you to create a e-mail message with the Invoice attached in a .pdf format.  Depending on the E-mail Setting selected on the User Settings Window, when you click OK, you will either have an E-mail Window (for SMTP), or an Outlook E-mail Message displayed with the Invoice as an attachment.  If you have recorded an E-mail address on the Project Window - Notes/Information Tab, it will be defaulted as the "To" address on your E-mail (the email address is ONLY defaulted when Reprinting a document).

If Save PDF is selected on the E-mail Setting menu, the Design Manager - Email Report Window will be displayed so that you can save the document on your computer or network. For more information on the e-mail window, see E-mail.


Override Letterhead Settings:  If the Letterhead option for Client Invoices is selected on the Company Advanced Options - Print Tab, the Override Letterhead Settings option will be available.  Selecting this option will always show the Company Name and Address information at top of the Client Invoice document effectively ignoring the Letterhead setting which prevents this information from printing in order to properly fit the Company custom letterhead paper.  This option is useful when e-mailing or exporting the Client Invoice to insure that the Company information is being displayed and will automatically be selected when the E-mail option is chosen.


Show Payments:  The Show Payments option will display any recorded Payments or Invoice Adjustments for the Client Invoice in the totals region of the document, indicating the current Balance Due.


Update Remarks:  Use the Update Remarks option to change the Remarks on the Client Invoice to those currently entered in the Remarks field described below.

Remarks:  The original Remarks on the Client Invoice will be displayed in the Remarks field so they can be edited or altered if desired.  Only if the Update Remarks option above is selected will the Client Invoice Remarks be changed to reflect any changes upon reprinting the Client Invoice.  Otherwise, any edits made here will only appear on the currently reprinted Client Invoice.  Future reprints will not show the edited Remarks.