1099 Report

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The 1099 Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder.  This report is used to provide you with a list of Vendors requiring form 1099.  It may also be used to print the actual 1099 forms.




Enter a year for which to print the report in the first field.  The computer will print the report for any year as long as the computer has information entered for that year.  The minimum dollar amount for reporting is set at $600.00 (the amount set by the government as of the year 2005).  Next you may enter a Vendor code range.  This report has three formats to choose from, a summary version that lists basic information for the 1099 form, a detail version that includes a list of the checks that make up the amount, or the 1099 forms.  Click on the down arrow next to the Report Format field to select from the drop down list.