An Interior Design Business Model

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Design Manager is a flexible project management and accounting package.  Although it can be used in many different ways, there is a basic "flow" of work through the system.  This flow can be considered a basic model for an average Interior Design Business.  At its simplest, the order (or work flow) through the software is as follows:


1.Enter the specifications (Items that you need to order for and sell to your client).


2.Create a proposal or estimate to give to your client.


3.Get the approval from your client and collect a deposit so you can begin ordering the merchandise.


4.Create purchase and work orders and the deposit checks to send with them.


5.Receive acknowledgments of the orders from your vendors.


6.Receive the merchandise and/or deliver it to the client.


7.Receive the invoice or bill from your vendor.


8.Give a final invoice to your client (remembering to apply the deposit from #3).


9.Print checks to pay your vendors.


10. Receive the final payment from your client.



Organization of a Design Project in Design Manager


The Accounting System