Back Order Report

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The Back Order Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder.  This report is designed to show Components that are on back order from the Vendor.


back order


This report can be printed for a range of Projects, Vendors, ordered (PO) dates, and expected ship dates.  You may choose to print Vendor contact information and to show one line or all lines of the Component description.  The Show Components option allows you to show Components that have a back order quantity in conjunction with receiving and paid for status.  The back order and received quantities can be entered from the Vendor Invoice Distribution  or Purchase Order Status Windows as well as the Component Window - Order Status Tab.


The Back Order report will list all Components with an outstanding Back Order Quantity that has been entered on the Edit Order Status Window. This report is primarily to monitor merchandise that is back-ordered to ensure proper order fulfillment but can also be used to review merchandise that might be shipped but not received or not paid in full by choosing the proper entry on the "Show Components" menu.