Cash Requirements Report

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The Cash Requirements Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder.  This report provides a listing of all Vendor Invoices and Operating Expenses due for a particular check run date.


cash req


This report prints each Vendor Invoice and Expense based on comparing the Next Check Date entered for the report to the due date of each open payable.  All entries with a due date prior or equal to the Next Check Date will be included.


The Cash Requirements report lists all Vendor Deposits and Invoices that are not paid in full that have a Payment Due Date that is less than the Next Check Date entered by the user.  The report is useful to compare the estimated amount of funds that will be necessary for the next check run to the current balance in the Checkbook to ensure enough funds will be available.  Once the payable has been paid in full, it will no longer appear on the report.