Clear Checks and Deposits Window

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The Clear Checks and Deposits Window allows you to quickly indicate multiple Checks and\or Deposits as cleared or uncleared on the Checking Window - Reconcile Cash Tab.


Select the Clear clear button-cking button.


clear cks deps window


First choose to Clear or Un-clear entries by selecting the appropriate option in the top, left corner of the window.  Next, choose to set Checks, Deposits, or Checks and Deposits as cleared or un-cleared in the Type menu.  Checks and Deposits is the default selection.  Optional Check Number and Date Ranges can be used to refine the number of entries to be cleared or un-cleared to those possessing a particular Check Number or Check\Receipt Date, respectively.  For example, using the Check Number Range may be convenient to mark a single Check as cleared while the Date Range can be used to mark all entries within the statement period as cleared.  Finally, an Amount can also be entered which would clear or unclear entries with a Check or Receipt total equal to the Amount.  If you would like to mark all of the Checks and/or Deposits as cleared or un-cleared, leave the Check Number and Date ranges and the Amount blank.


Once you have made the necessary selections, click OK to clear or unclear the desired entries.