COGS Accounts Tab

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Design Manager provides six separate COGS Accounts titled Merchandise, Freight, Design Fee, Installation, Labor and Time.  The titles may be different if they have been changed on the Company Advanced Options – General Tab.  Each Account corresponds to a Component Type that can be chosen for each Component purchased.  These are default Accounts used by the system when an Item is not assigned a Sales Category or the assigned Sales Category has Accounts set to Company Default.  When the Company Default option is selected, the Sales Category will always use the current Cost of Goods Sold Account settings on this tab.  For more information, see Sales Categories under Glossary Windows.


If you are unfamiliar with advanced accounting practices, it is recommended that you leave these Accounts as they are currently configured!  Setting them incorrectly can cause data to be misrepresented in your General Ledger.  


company info -cogs accts tab

To edit an Account Number on this window, highlight the Account Number and type in a new Number.  To search for an Account Number, place the cursor into the field of interest, then click on the Search search button in the lower left corner of this window and choose a COGS Account.


The COGS Account Tab also maintains the Project that can optionally be designated as the Storage Room Project.  The Storage Room Project is designed as a "holding area" for Items that have been purchased for other Projects but, for whatever reason, have been returned to the company. The Storage Room Project also provides a structure into where merchandise that has been purchased but not yet allocated to a particular Project can be recorded and maintained. These processes are described in detail under The Storage Location Project and Using the Item Transfer Window.  A Storage Room Project is entirely optional.  New users of Design Manager will have a Storage Location Project with the Code 'ZZZZZ' and the Name 'Storage Room / Inventory' preconfigured.  You can simply remove the Project Code from the field to remove the Storage Room Project.  To change the Project which is designated as the Storage Room Project, input the desired Project Code.  The Search button can be used to select a Project from the Project Search Window.