Deposit Analysis Report

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The Deposit Analysis Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management folder.  This report shows an accounting of Client Deposit monies for a given Project.


dep analysis


This report allows you to enter an individual Project for which to print Client Deposit activity.  Information on this report includes the Proposal number, check date and number, transaction number, and amount for Deposits and Retainers.  The Client Invoice number, transaction description, and amount of Deposit and Retainers applied to an Invoice will be displayed for each Invoice entry.   The report also lists the total Deposits and Retainers received from the client, total Deposits and Retainers applied on Invoices, and the client’s current available deposit balance.


The Deposit Analysis report is usually used in conjunction with the Open Client Deposit report to determine which Items and Proposals are currently holding Deposits and potentially need to be invoiced to the Client.