Excel Time Sheet

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E-mail an Excel Time Sheet to yourself or an employee so they may enter their time into it.  Once they are finished, they can send the file back so that you can Import it into the Design Manager Employee Time, or Import it themselves..


To send the file, on the Employee Time window, first enter the Employee code and date range to collect time for.




Then select the emailExcelSheet E-mail button.


A message will appear to show the Employee and Date range of the file to be e-mailed.


employee time sheet message


Select OK.

An E-mail message will appear as shown below.


employee time sheet email message


Once you choose Send the recipient will be able to open and save the Excel file.  The Excel file will appear as below:



Here the user can enter their time. Users can select from the Drop down options for Projects & Activities.  The active Projects & Activities from your Design Manager will appear.

Once the user has completed entering their time, they can Import this file (or send the file back to another user to Import for them).


To Import the file, see Import Data (Time).