Generated Work Order(s) Window

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The Generated Work Order(s) Window is accessed from the New Purchase / Work Order(s) Window.  When you are ready to print the Work Orders from the selected Components on the New Purchase / Work Order(s) Window, click the OK button to show the Generated Work Order(s) Window.  The Work Orders generated from the tagged Components will appear on the Work Orders Grid with one row per document.  If the information appears to be correct, you may click on the OK button to print the Work Orders.


generated wo window


Edit:  Clicking on the Edit button to the right of the Work Orders Grid will open the Edit Generated PO Window where you can change the Ship Via, Ship On or Before Date, Designer and Phone Extension, and the Special Instructions fields.  You can also record a reference number if the work request was made via the telephone or other medium or a simple note regarding the order into the Verbal / Reference Number / Description (Verbal / Ref. No. / Description) field.


Work Order List (WO List):  Clicking on the Work Order List button to the right of the Work Orders Grid will allow you to print a consolidated listing of the Work Orders and of the Components included upon them for your reference.  This document is also referred to as a Proforma Work Order and is often used for approval from a purchasing manager or owner.


Work Orders Grid:  This grid displays the Work Orders created by consolidating the Components from the New Purchase / Work Order(s) Window by Item.  The  majority of the information on this grid can be changed by selecting the desired Work Order and clicking the Edit button.  The columns on this grid are explained below:


Work Order Number (WO #):  The unique Work Order Number for the document.


Verbal / Reference Number / Description (Verbal / Ref. No. / Description):  The optional identifier or brief description that can be entered for the document.


Order Date:  The date which will be displayed on the Work Order.


Workroom:  The Code and Name of the Workroom (Vendor).


Ship To:  The Ship-To Code and Name to where the Component will initially be delivered.


For a description of the other columns on the Work Orders Grid, see the Edit Generated PO Window as the information is often reviewed and edited on that window.


Printing Work Orders:  Click on the OK button to print the Work Order(s).  Make sure that you have the printer selection on the Printer Button Bar set to the desired printer.  For more information on printing options, see Printing.  Whether printing the Work Order(s) to the monitor or directly to the printer, you will need to either accept or reject the Work Order(s) after printing and reviewing them.


Accepting and Rejecting Work Orders:  After printing the Work Order(s), Design Manager will ask "Would you like to accept or reject this Purchase Order?".  Be sure to examine the Work Order(s) carefully before accepting.  If you find any errors on the Work Order(s), click the Reject button and correct the errors before printing the Work Order(s) again.  Components will be indicated as destined for fabrication as of the date on the Work Order after the Work Order is accepted.