Income Statement Layout Window

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The Income Statement Layout Window is accessed from within the Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Income and Comparative Income Statement Reports, and allows you to group Accounts within the Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Operating Expenses, or Other Income and Expenses folders.


income stmt layout window


You can drag-and-drop an Account to a new location within its Account type folder, but you cannot move an Account to another Account type folder.  Clicking on the Reset Button will put all Accounts into Account number order and remove all totals and Groups.  The New Group Button will add a Group under any of the existing Account type folders.  To move an Account into a Group, drag the Account and drop it into the Group folder.  When you highlight a Group, you may either delete the Group, hide the Accounts within the Group, or hide the total of the Group.  The best method for changing the layout is to experiment by making small changes and then print the Income Statement to view the results.