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Design Manager utilizes the Windows HTML Help format which may be familiar to most users.  For those unfamiliar with the HTML Help interface, here are a few basic functions:


Hide/Show:  The Hide/Show Button will selectively display the Help Tabs frame on the left side of the window.


Back: The Back Button will return to the previously viewed Help page.


Forward: The Forward Button will jump the Help page viewed prior to the current page.


Home: The Home Button will return to the designated Home page which, in Design Manager, is this Introduction page.


Print: The Print Button will print the current page.


Options: The Options Button allows access to the Hide/Show Tabs, Back, Forward, Home, Stop, Refresh, Internet Options, Print, and Search Highlight On/Off functions.


Help Tabs:


Contents: The Contents Tab displays all of the main topics contained within the Help System allowing the user to quickly display a desired topic.


Index: The Index Tab lists all topic entries with the Help System.  You can search for a topic by entering one or more relevant words into the "Type in the keyword to find:" field to find a particular topic title.


Search: The Search Tab can be used to list all topics which contain particular text within the topic itself.


Favorites: You can add frequently viewed topics to the Favorites Tab for easy access.