Misc. Project Expense Listing Report

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The Miscellaneous Project Expense Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder.  This report lists Operating Expenses that were designated as Project-related in order to invoice the client for the charges.  Such Expenses are also referred to as reimbursables.


misc proj exp


This report can be printed for a range of Projects, Vendors, and Vendor Invoice dates.  The Show Actual Cost option can be used to suppress the cost of the reimbursable so that the list can be given to a client.  The Exclude Invoiced Items Option can be used to suppress Expenses that already have been billed to the client.


The Miscellaneous Project Expense Listing report displays Components created by entering Project-Related Operating Expenses for a particular Project.  The report can be used as a record to the Client for purchases and expenses that are not associated with a Purchase Order.  Also, it can be used to identify expenditures that still need to be billed to the Client by selecting "Yes" on the "Exclude Invoiced Items" option.