Project / Order Status Report

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The Project / Order Status Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder.  This report attempts to provide a listing of all order tracking information that is pertinent for each Item and Component in Projects and Specifications.


proj order status

This report allows for a Project, Location, and Proposal number range.


Show Full Desc - choosing Yes, will show the full Item Description.  NO, will show only the first line of Description.


Exclude Completed Items - can be used to suppress Items marked as Completed.


In Progress Items Only - will eliminate Items that do not have a deposit received on a Proposal, but are on a Purchase Order to eliminate Items specified that the client did not approve yet.


New Version - when set to "No", an older version of the report as in previous versions of Design Manager is used.


Show Status (new only) - shows a status section that includes all accounting and order tracking information for which there is not a column on the report.