Proposal Listing Report

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The Proposal Listing Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder.  This report allows you to print a list of Proposals that have been generated for Projects.

prop listing

Project and Proposal date ranges can be used to filter the report.  You can further refine the report with the two Show Proposal Options.  One to list active, Inactive, or Complete Proposals and a second to show Proposals with or without a Deposit received from the Client.


The Proposal Listing report will display Proposals based upon a variety of criteria including whether or not a Proposal is active or if a Deposit has been recorded against it. The report is useful in displaying which Proposals are awaiting Deposits from the Client.  It can also be given to the Client as a summary of the Project to indicate the total proposed price of the Project and what Deposit monies have been received or are still required.