The Documents and Accounting Window Information Panel

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To the right of the Documents and Accounting Tree, you'll notice the Documents and Accounting Information Panel when you either have Vendor Deposits, Invoices, or Operating Expenses waiting for Checks to be issued or if you have receipts from your Clients that you have not yet deposited at your banking institution.


docs acct - bank dep_paybills

When open Vendor Payables exist, you'll see the total unpaid amount along with the Pay Bills pay bills button button.  Clicking the Pay Bills button displays the Checking Window - Pay Bills / Print Checks Tab so that you can easily generate Checks or otherwise process payments for the Vendors.


If you have recorded receipts from Clients into the optional Un-deposited Funds Account on the Company Information Window - Other Accounts Tab and have yet to make the deposit, the total deposit amount will be listed along with the Bank Deposit bank dep button button.  Clicking the Bank Deposit button will display the Checking Window - Make Bank Deposit Tab so a Deposit Slip can be printed and the receipts can be recorded as being deposited with the banking institution.