Time Activity Window

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Clicking on the Add or Edit Buttons on the Time Activity Glossary Window or Time Activity Search Window will open the Time Activity Window.  A Time Activity is a task performed by an Employee of your company for a client.  To add a Time Activity, enter an Activity code, Activity name, and a description of the Activity.  To edit an Activity name or description, type the new information into the appropriate field.  To change an Activity code, you must delete the entire entry and add a new Time Activity entry with the new code.  See the Delete function on the Time Activity Glossary Window.


time activ window

Activity Code: Enter the Activity code here.  This code may be up to five letters or numbers.  Use something descriptive that is easy to identify in the search window.


Activity Name: Enter the name of the Activity here.  The name may be up to 30 characters.


Description: Enter the description of the Activity here.  When the activity is selected, the description will appear in the billing description of the Time Entry.  Of course, the description can then be modified or removed as desired.  For formatting options for the activity description, see Description/Note Formatting.