Vendor Window - Payee Tab

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The Payee Tab is the second tab on the Vendor Window.  If an alternate name or address is required to appear on checks paid to a Vendor, then that information is entered here.


vendor glossary-payee tab

Payee: This field should contain the name of the individual or company who will be receiving payments for goods or services or ,simply, the name that will print on checks issued to this Vendor.  The name can be up to 40 characters.  The information on this tab is automatically defaulted from the Vendor name and address from the first tab until it is subsequently changed.  If there is no alternate payee, do not make changes to this information.  As long as the information on the two tabs is identical, Design Manager will automatically synchronize the information when the Vendor name and/or address from the Vendor Tab is changed.  Once two addresses become different in any way, both must be changed separately.


Payee Address: Enter the payee address, including city, state and zip code.