Arranging Windows and the Window Menu

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Most windows in Design Manager can be resized in order to allow more information to be displayed or reduce the size of the window to allow information from multiple windows to be displayed.  To resize a window, float the cursor over the edge of the window until the cursor changes to a double-ended arrow.  When the cursor changes, hold down the left mouse  and pull the mouse in the proper direction to increase or reduce the size of the window.


To move a window within Design Manager, click on the Caption Bar of the window and, while holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse in the desired direction to relocate the window.  Windows can also be minimized and maximized within Design Manager by selecting the appropriate button in the top right of the window's Caption Bar.


Since Design Manager allows many windows to be open simultaneously, organizing those windows or quickly accessing a particular window may become necessary.  The View - Windows Menu allows several options for rearranging and selecting a window.  The Switch To . . . option launches the Switch To Window from which a single desired window can be selected to be brought to the forefront of the program. The Tile Vertically and Tile Horizontally options stacks multiple windows along the vertical and horizontal axis, respectively, so that information from as many windows as possible can be viewed.  The Cascade option resizes the open windows to the same size (if possible) and aligns the windows downward from the top left of Design Manager so that only the Caption Bar of the top window is visible over the second window and so on, making it quite easy to see all the open windows.


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