Cash Flow Statement Report

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The Cash Flow Statement is accessed from the Reports Window, General Ledger, Financial Statements folder and is designed to track the movement of cash through the business over a period of time.


cash flow stmt report window


The Cash Flow Statement requires a Fiscal Month range and has four basic sections:

Cash Flows from Operating Activities:  These are the cash sources from activities such as selling merchandise and cash uses such as payment owed to Vendors.
Cash Flows from Investing Activities: Cash increases or decreases in  the company’s productive assets such as property or equipment.
Cash Flows from Financing Activities: Cash sources or uses from selling stock to investors, borrowing money, credit card purchases, etc.
Net Increase or Decrease in Cash:  The sum of the three preceding sections.  This will also match the difference between the Beginning and Ending Cash Balances.


The Show Time Stamp selection allows the exact system date and time that the report was printed to optionally be printed on the top of the Cash Flow Statement.