Catalog Printing (Catalog / Inventory / Groups)

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The Catalog Printing Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Glossary Listings folder and is intended to display any combination of Catalog, Group, and Inventory Stock Items in a format that can be printed and bound to showcase the firm's available merchandise.


catalog list report window


Upon generating the Catalog Printing Report, first a cover page is created, followed by the various types of Items sorted by either Stock / Catalog Number, Sales Category, or Description as determined by the Sort Listing By option.  The Stock / Catalog Number, Description, Sales Category, Style/Size, Color/Finish, and Component and Pricing information for the Item is displayed along with the Item picture if one has been loaded.  By default, the report will list all active Catalog, Group, and Inventory Stock Items but each genre can be excluded by setting the Show Catalog Items, Show Groups, or Show Inventory Stock Items options to No, respectively.  Ranges for Sales Category Code, Style / Size, and Color / Finish are available to narrow the scope of the report.