Client Glossary Window

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The Client Glossary Window provides a complete list of all Clients, displaying the Client Code, Name, and Type.  Clients are the individuals or institutions for which you providing design services.  Clients can maintain multiple Projects within Design Manager.  Information recorded for the Client will default when creating a new Project.  Clicking on the Add or Edit buttons will open the Client Window where you can add new Clients or change the information for existing Clients.




To delete a Client, highlight the entry and click on the Delete button.  A Client cannot be deleted if it has been assigned to a Project.  A message will appear to alert you when this is the case.  However, the Client can be marked Inactive meaning it will no longer appear in the Client Glossary Window or certain reports.  In order to review the Clients currently indicated as Inactive, click the Show Inactive option.  To reopen an Inactive Client, click the Show Inactive option, edit the Client, and unselect the Inactive option on the Client Window - Info Tab.