Committed Analysis Report

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The Committed Analysis Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Inventory folder and provides an analysis of Inventory Items which are currently committed or allocated to various Projects.


comm analysis report window


The Committed Analysis Report can either by sorted and subtotaled by Inventory Stock Number or Project Code as determined by the Report By selection.  Printing by Inventory Stock Number is useful when tracking the distribution of a Stock Inventory Item over many Projects while printing by Project is desirable to review precisely what Stock Inventory Items have been allocated to the Project and not yet invoiced to the Client.  Either version of the report will list the Inventory Stock Number and Description, Project and Client Code and Name, the Specification Reference Number within the Project for the Stock Inventory Item, Committed Date, Committed Quantity, Unit and Extended Estimated Cost, and the Extended Estimated Price.  Ranges for Inventory Stock Number, Client and Project Codes, and Inventory Transaction Dates are available to narrow the scope of the report.