Configuring the User Settings Window for the To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window

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Before using the To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window, the user may want to first configure some settings regarding the window.  These configurations are can be changed on the User Settings Window found under File - User Settings.


user settings

By default, the To Do List / Appointments Window will appear whenever you start Design Manager.  To prevent the window from appearing at log-in, uncheck the Show To Do List at Program Start-up option.


***CLOUD Users will not have the ability to sync with Outlook, unless they are also CloudSpace subscribers.***

The User Settings Window is also used to specify with which folder in Outlook™ the Tasks and Appointments are to synchronized.  Tasks can be set to synchronize with any Outlook Tasks folder and Appointments with any Outlook Calendar object.  To configure these options, the computer must have Microsoft Office 2003 or higher installed which is usually included with the Microsoft Office Suite of programs.  To synchronize, make sure that the Sync Tasks/Appointments with Outlook is selected.   Upon doing so, the Outlook Calendar (Appointments) Folder and Outlook Task Folder menus will display all Calendar and Task objects found with Outlook, respectively.  For each, choose the object that you wish to synchronize with Design Manager. Note:  If unsure of which Calendar or Task, please contact the company network administrator or professional for assistance.


Notes about Outlook™

Microsoft Outlook is a much more specialized program for organizing Tasks and Appointments than Design Manager.  Therefore, there are a few features found in Outlook that are out of the scope of Design Manager.  These include such features as customizable fields and Recurring Appointments.    Recurring Appointments are not supported by Design Manager.  Only the first Appointment in the series is displayed on the Design Manager To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window.  Editing this Appointment in Design Manager does not change it in Outlook.