Creating Locations

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Design Manager provides two independent Location Glossaries: a Company-wide list and a separate list for each Project.  Use the Company-wide Location Glossary to maintain a master list of Locations that can be used to import Locations into any Project as desired.  Use the Project-specific list to enter Locations unique to a particular Project.


To create a preliminary list of Locations, select Project - Locations.  Doing so will display the Location Glossary Window.


location - global


Click the Add button to display the Location Window.


location - global add new


Enter a unique Code which may be up to 5 alphanumeric characters.  The Location Name is used to describe the Location and can up to 30 characters.  As an example, you may want a Location for the client's living room.  In such a case, "LVGRM" could be used as the Code while "Living Room" would be the Location Name.


Click OK to save the new Location.


You can enter as many common Locations as desired in the Location Glossary for use in future Projects.


Locations can also be added to a specific Project by using the Location Search on the Item Window - Item Tab. For more information on creating Locations for individual Projects, see the Location Search Window under Glossary Windows - Locations.