Defining Employee and Project Time Billing Rate and Cost Defaults

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Design Manager Professional allows you to create an elaborate system of default costs and rates for billable time to the client.  Up to three sets of possible Time Billing Rates and Costs can be maintained allowing you to bill particular Projects differently for cases such as Residential versus Commercial Projects, Preferred or "Grandfathered" Projects which receive a lower rate, etc.


The process begins by associating a Time Billing Tier on the Project Window - Defaults Tab.


Project - defaults tab


The Time Billing Tier of the Project will determine which set of Billing Rates and Costs from the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Window - Time Tab, Employee Activity Exception Window, and Time Activity Window to apply to the Project.


The default Billing Rates and Costs for a Time Entry for a given Project are first determined from the Time Billing Rates for the Time Activity associated with the Time Entry.


time activity window


The Time Billing Rates are selected on the Time Activity Window are work as follows:


Use Cost/Rate of the Employee:  When this option is chosen, the Cost and Rate will come from the Cost and Rate of the Employee or Employee Time Exception if the Time Activity is included on the Employee Time Exception list.  Use Cost/Rate of the Employee is commonly used when the Rate and Cost of the Activity differs from Employee to Employee as in the consulting rate between a Designer and Senior Designer.


Always use the Cost/Rate Entered Below:  When this option is selected, Cost and Rate fields will default from the Cost and Rate Tiers of the Time Activity itself.  When selecting a Time Activity with this option when adding Time Entries, all Cost and Rate information associated with the Employee or Employee Time Exceptions will be ignored.  Such a configuration is useful in circumstances where the rate to the Client is identical for all Employees such as CAD, office support, etc.


Always use the Cost/Rate Entered Below Only When This Activity is on the Employee Exception List:  When using this option, Cost and Rate fields will default from the Cost and Rate Tiers of the Employee unless the Time Activity has been added as an Employee Time Exception.  In that case, the Cost and Rate will come from the Time Activity.  See the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Window - Time Tab for more information on Time Exceptions.  This option is intended for Time Activities that will be generally added as Time Exceptions.  For Time Activities configured as such, you do not have to edit the Time Exception list of each Employee if the Time Exception Cost or Rate changes.  Simply editing the Time Activity will force the Cost and Rate changes to all Employees.


Finally, if an Employee Time Exception is configured with the Always override the rate/cost with the values entered below no matter what the activity setting option selected, the Cost and Rate for Time Entries will always use the Employee Time Exception Tiers for all Employees with the Employee Exception defined.

employee activ exc window