Edit Generated PO Window

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The Edit Generated Purchase Order Window is accessed by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the Purchase Orders Grid on the Generated Purchase Orders Window.  Here you can enter and edit order tracking information for the Purchase Order.


edit gen po window

This window allows you to add or change the Ship Via, Ship On or Before Date, Designer / Phone Extension, and Special Instructions for the Purchase Order.


Verbal/Reference Number (Verbal/Ref. No.): Sometimes you may order merchandise from a Vendor over the telephone or via email, etc., instead of sending a traditional Purchase Order requesting the goods.  In this case, the Vendor will often provide a reference number to assist in tracking the order.  You must still, however, generate a Purchase Order in Design Manager to properly track the order and record Deposits and/or Vendor Invoices.  You can input the reference number provided by the Vendor to correlate the order with the Design Manager Purchase Order Number.


Ship Via: You can optionally enter the method or shipping company that will be utilized for delivery.  The Ship Via information defaults from the Vendor Window - Defaults Tab but can be edited as necessary.


Ship On or Before Date: The date by which you want the merchandise to be shipped from the Vendor the specified Ship-To address.  The Ship On or Before Date defaults from the Component Window - Special Instructions Tab and is also referred to as the Ship By Date.


Designer / Extension (Ext.): The Designer and Telephone Extension from the Project Window - Defaults Tab will be displayed here to print on the Purchase Order.


Special Instructions and the Override Special Instructions option: By default, the Special Instructions from the Component Window - Special Instructions Tab for each of the Components will be concatenated together for printing on the Purchase Order when adding a new or editing a Purchase Order.  By selecting the Override Special Instructions option, however, the Special Instructions will be available for editing manually and will no longer be updated to reflect changes in the Special Instructions of each Component upon editing the Purchase Order.