Edit Order Status Window

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The Edit Order Status Window is accessed from the Purchase Order Status Window by clicking on the Edit button edit_pencil to the right of the Purchase Order Component Status Grid.

This window provides numerous fields for recording and updating Purchase Order tracking information.

edit order status window


To update tracking information for all Components on the Purchase Order at once, click on the Change All button change all button on the Purchase Order Status Window.  This will open the Change All Window for the Purchase Order.

change all window


This window is similar to the Edit Order Status Window, except that all of the fields will be blank, allowing you to enter new dates and information and will record the information for all the Purchase Order Components.  Using the Change All Window is convenient when all the Components on the Purchase Order are received simultaneously.


Expected Ship Date: This is the date that you expect merchandise to be shipped from the Vendor.


Received Date: The date that you actually receive the merchandise from the Vendor.


CFA Date: The CFA date is used to record when a "Cutting For Approval" is received from the Vendor, if one is required.


Quantity Received (Qty. Received): The quantity of the item actually delivered from the Vendor.  The Quantity Received may differ from the original Ordered Quantity if a portion of the merchandise is back ordered. Note: The Quantity Received should reflect the total amount of merchandise received to date.  For example, if 5 lamps were ordered and 2 lamps had been received, enter 2 as the Quantity Received.  When the additional 3 lamps are delivered, the Quantity Received should be changed from 2 to 5.


Quantity Paid For (Qty. Paid For): The Quantity Paid For represents the amount of the merchandise for which you have actually paid the Vendor and is automatically recorded by Design Manager when the Vendor Invoice for the merchandise is recorded.


Quantity Back Ordered (Qty. Back Ordered): The quantity of the product that is currently on back order from the Vendor.


Vendor Invoice Date: The date on the Vendor Invoice was recorded for the merchandise.  Again, this date will be displayed automatically.


Vendor Invoice Number (Vendor Invoice No.): The invoice number of the bill from the Vendor which will be recorded when the Vendor Invoice is entered in Design Manager.


User Date 1: This is a user-defined field that can be used for any additional Purchase Order tracking information that may be required.  The title for this field can be set on the Company Advanced Options – General Tab.


User Date 2: See above.


Status / Storage: You may use this field for entering any additional information for this Purchase Order Component.


Actual Cost:  The cost of the Component recorded while entering the Vendor Invoice for this Purchase Order will be displayed here.



Two additional options will be available when using the Change All Window:


Receive All Items: Clicking this option will set the Received Date to the current system date, which can be changed, and will set the Received Quantity to the original Ordered Quantity for all Components on the Purchase Order.


Clear Blank Fields: Selecting this option will cause Design Manager to delete the order tracking information for any fields that are blank or zero for all Components on the Purchase Order.


Click the OK button to record the information for the Component or Components if the Change All Window was being used.  The updated information will now appear on the Purchase Order Component Status Grid of the Purchase Order Status Window.