Editing a Purchase or Work Order

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Circumstances may arise where you will need to modify an existing Purchase or Work Order due to cost changes, unavailable merchandise, etc.  You can revise a Purchase/Work Order by selecting the PO/WO on the Purchase and Work Orders Window and clicking the Edit button.  This will display the Edit / Change Order Window or Edit / Change Order for WO Window, as appropriate, which are very similar to the New Purchase Order Window and New Work Order(s) Window except that the Components included on the Purchase/Work Order are already "tagged".  This is so Components can be removed or new Components can be added to the Purchase or Work Order while maintaining the original Purchase/Work Order Number.  Any changes you have made through the Specifications Window to Components currently on the Purchase/Work Order will be reflected on the Edit / Change Order Window and Edit / Change Order for WO Window.  To save the changes to the Purchase or Work Order, simply click the OK button to print and accept the revised Purchase/Work Order.

Edit po_wo

There are a few differences between the Edit / Change Order and New Purchase Order Window and they are listed below:


Change Order: Upon editing an Order, Design Manager can selectively display the title "Change Order" in place of "Purchase Order" or "Work Order" on the document to relate to the Vendor/Workroom that revisions have been made.  Whether or not this option is selected is determined by the Default to Change Order When Editing option on the Company Advanced Options Window - PO Tab.  See Company Advanced Options Window - PO Tab for a more detailed description of Change Order processing.


Revision Date: When selecting the Change Order option, the Revision Date field will be available and will be the date displayed on the Change Order (revised Purchase/Work Order).  The Order will maintain the original Order Date, however, for reference.  The Revision Date defaults to the current system date of the computer.