Hand Check / Wire Transfer Window

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Checks that have been written by hand or paid via a Wire Transfer or Debit Card can be recorded in Design Manager using the Hand Check / Wire Transfer Window.  This window can be accessed in two ways.  First, when recording a Vendor Payable on the Vendor Deposit, Invoice, or Operating Expenses Window or on the Accounting - Payments  & Checks.


hndck_wt window

First, select whether a Hand Check or Wire Transfer/Debit Card payment is being recorded.  Upon selecting the Hand Check option, the following fields will be displayed:


Check Number:  Record the number of the Hand Check used to pay the Vendor.


Check Date:  Input the date the Hand Check was written.  The Check Date is the date upon which the Check will appear in the Checkbook.


When using the Hand Check option, both a Check Number and Check Date must be entered.


Upon selecting the Wire Transfer option, only the Transfer Date field is displayed as Design Manager will automatically create a unique Wire Transfer Number.


Transfer Date:  Input the date the Debit Card payment or Wire Transfer was recorded by the banking institution.  This is the date upon which the payment will appear in the Checkbook.  A Transfer Date must be entered.


Now matter which option is selected, a Checking Account menu and Transaction Description field will be available.


Checking Account:  The appropriate Checking Account from which the Hand Check or Transfer was paid must be selected.


Transaction Description (Trans. Desc.):  A description of the Hand Check/Wire Transfer payment  may optionally be entered for future reference.


Once all the information has been entered properly, click the OK button to record the payment into the Checkbook.