Installing the Product Clipper

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The Product Clipper is (currently) ONLY available for the Google Chrome web browser. You will need to install the Design Manager Product Clipper Chrome Extension.


To do so, you must first have Google Chrome installed on your computer, go here to install Google Chrome:



Once the Chrome browser is installed you can add the Chrome Extension for Design Manager's Product Clipper.


Go here to install the Product Clipper:









Then choose to Add extension



Once completed, you will see the below message.



The Design Manager Product Clipper extension GreyCircleIconGroup can now be seen at the top of your browser.


You can now click on the icon to open the Product Clipper. Learn how to use the Product Clipper.





How to Install the Product Clipper by searching the Chrome Web Store:

If the install link above does not work, you can go to the Chrome Web Store to download the extension:






Click into the "Search the store" field





Type Design Manager into the search field





Select the Design Manager Product Clipper Extension and continue with the install steps from above.