Invoice Listing with Item Detail Report

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The Invoice Listing with Item Detail Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Receivable folder and provides a listing of all Client Invoices posted for a specified fiscal period including the individual Items comprising the Invoice along with other optional information.


inv list item detail report window


The report is similar to the Sales Journal in that it requires a fiscal period to be entered and displays each Client Invoice within that fiscal period.  However, unlike the Sales Journal, the Invoice Listing with Item Detail shows the constituent Items on those Client Invoices.  As such, the report becomes a useful tool in provided a Client a condensed list of all Items they have purchased for insurance purposes or general information.  Information on the report includes the Invoice Number and Date, Transaction Description, Client and Project Codes, Item Sale Amount, Sales Tax, Deposit Applied, Balance Due, Cost Transferred from Work in Process to Cost of Goods Sold, Cost Transferred from Inventory to Cost of Goods Sold, and the portion of the Item Sale Amount attributed to each Component Type.  A total for each Invoice and grand totals for the entire report are displayed for the appropriate columns.  Other information including the Billing, Site, and Ship-To addresses can also be optionally included on the report using the Show Billing Address, Show Site Address, and Show Ship-To Address selections, respectively.  Allowing these addresses to be displayed can assist in any sales tax dispute or to simply further mirror the original Client Invoice.  Ranges for Client and Project Codes are available to optionally narrow the scope of the report.  The full Description of the Items can also be optionally displayed.