Order Summary Report

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The Order Summary Report  is accessed from the Report Window - Project Management/Showroom - Showroom Specific folder and will list your Showroom Orders.


Ranges for Client, Order Number and Date, and Salesperson are available.


A choice to show Open Orders, Closed or Both is included. In order for an Order to be considered Closed, you will need to refer to the choice defaulted in the Order Closed By on the Company Advanced Options Window - Showroom Tab.


order summary report window



The Order Summary Report will show the Client Code and Name, Order Number, Description, Salesperson, Quoted, Ordered, Invoice and Delivered Dates, Invoice Number, Estimated Order Total, and Purchasing Status.


The Purchasing Status comes from the Component - Items being on a Purchase Order. If no Purchase has been created for any of the Components of the Items, then Not All Ordered will appear.  Once a Purchase Order is created for any of the components, then the report will print the latest PO # and date.


Order Summary Report Example:


Order Summary Report example