Point Of Sale / Retail Sales

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The point of sale (POS) feature is used to sell items that are not connected with a design project.  If you have a retail showroom, the most common example of this type of sale would be from a walk in customer.  In the vast majority of cases this customer will not have a design project in progress at the time of the purchase.  If the customer does happen to have a design project in progress, you might still use the point of sale feature if the merchandise being purchased is not related to the design project.  For example, suppose you have a design client whose family room is being redone.  The client may come into your showroom to look at sofas to be used in the family room.  If the client selects a sofa, this selection does not represent a point of sale item because it is being selected for use on the design project.  It will be billed to the client at the time that the design project is billed.  On the other hand, suppose the same client sees a lamp while looking at sofas in your showroom.  The client would like to purchase this lamp for her bedroom.  Purchasing this lamp does represent a point of sale item because the lamp is not being used in conjunction with the design project.  She will be billed for the lamp at the time she takes it from the showroom.  In summary, point of sale items are those items purchased either by walk in customers or by clients who intend to use the item for something other than a design project.

Design Manager is compatible with the Zebra GC420d or LP2844 printer with 4" wide print width.   Direct thermal models are recommended.  These printers can be used to print bar code labels or used as a POS receipt printer.  Options to use a label/receipt printer can be found in the Company Advanced Options on the AR/Showroom tab - check the “Use Receipt Printer” option when using one of these printers. 

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The point of sale receipts print on a 4 inch wide continuous roll.  Make sure that the labels or paper rolls that you buy match your printer model for inner and outer diameter of the roll.  The POS system also can be used with a cash drawer (model CR3003 from Logic Controls) and almost any bar code scanner that interface with the keyboard (keyboard wedge interface). Printers, paper, cash drawers, and scanners can all be purchased through Design Manager by calling 800-836-2999.

For more information on installing the Zebra printer, see here: https://designmanager.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/22000207166-zebra-printer-installation-gc420d-