Point of Sale Invoice Window - Totals/Payments Tab

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Select the method of payment from the choices offered in the Payment Type box.  To define methods of payment, see the Company Information Window - A/R Showroom Tab.

Next, enter the amount being paid in the box titled "Cash Collected".  If a credit card is being used then this amount should be the amount that is charged to the card.  If you are being paid in cash, then this should be the amount of cash given to you by the customer.  If the customer gives you more than the required amount of cash, the computer will indicate the difference in the box titled "Change," the change that should be given back to the customer.

In the large box at the bottom titled Remarks/Notes/ Instructions, you may enter any special information that you would like to have appear at the bottom of the invoice.

Note that in the case of walk in customers the computer will require that the cash collected be the amount required for the purchase.  No credit will be allowed.  If On Account has been selected on the Customer tab and a project code has been entered then the user may accept a payment that is less than the total amount due.  The remaining amount due will be transferred to open accounts receivable for payment at a later time.

Complete the sale by clicking the Print/Post button in the lower right portion of the window.  The computer will print a copy of the invoice for the customer and will remove from inventory any items that have been sold.  The cash drawer will open if present and the computer will state the change due, if any.

pos invoice -totals window

At the bottom of the POS Invoice window there is a reset button.   This can be used to clear the POS invoice and start over.  This button can be used at any step during the process of producing an invoice up until the Post/Print button is clicked.  When using the optional cash drawer an Open Drawer button will also be present, this forces the drawer to open assuming the employee knows the drawer code.

On the customer tab there is a Logout button.  This button should be used to switch employees or to lock the POS workstation and return to the login window.  If the operator walks away from the computer it is a good idea to logout, this way it is hard for a customer or other employee to access with the computer unless they know an employee login code. You can set an automatic log out time on the Company default Settings.


NOTE: Point of Sale charges that are connected to an approved Credit Card Processor will only process through Design Manager if TSYS is your processor.  Stripe cannot process a POS charge.