Project / Order Status Report

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The Project / Order Status Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder and attempts to provide a listing of all cost, price, and order tracking information that is pertinent for each Item and Component in Specifications.


proj order status report window


The Project / Order Status Report lists Items and Components grouped and subtotaled by Location within each Project.  Ranges for Clients, Projects, Locations, and Proposal Numbers are available to narrow the scope of the report.  Further, the Item Status menu allows the report only to display Items of a desired Item Status Type as well.  Two versions the report are available as determined by the New Version option.  When the New Version is set to Yes, which is the default selection, the report lists each Component within its parent Item and displays the majority of the cost, pricing, purchasing, and order tracking information for the Specifications along with displaying monies received from the Client and payments sent to Vendors, allowing a Cash Flow Balance to be displayed.  When the New Version is set to No, a version of the report will be displayed that may be more familiar to users of prior versions of Design Manager Professional.  The Exclude Completed Items option can be used to suppress Items marked as Completed to focus the report on active Items only.  The In Progress Items Only option will eliminate Items that do not have a Deposit received on a Proposal (or have already been invoiced) to prevent Items not yet approved by the Client from appearing.  The Show Status option selectively displays  the Item Status Type along with a concise status section that includes all accounting and order tracking information for which there is not a column on the report for both the Item and Component.  The Show Status option only pertains to the New version of the Project / Order Status report.  Lastly, a Project Summary is available for the New version of the report which shows one line per Project with columns for Estimated Cost, Estimated Price, Estimated Sales Tax, Total Estimated Price with Sales Tax, Request Deposit, Invoiced to the Client, Payments from the Client, Paid to the Vendor, Owe the Vendor, and the current Cash Flow Balance.