Proposal Listing Report

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The Proposal Listing Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Project Management, Order Tracking folder and displays Proposals that have been generated for Projects that satisfy a variety of user-defined criteria.


prop list report window


The Proposal Listing Report displays each Proposal, grouped and subtotaled by Project, with columns for Proposal Number, Date, and Name, Proposal Status, Requested Deposit, Received Deposit, Total Estimated Price, Sales Tax, and Proposal Total.  Ranges for Project and Client Codes and Proposal Dates are available to narrow the scope of the report.  There are also two Show Proposals options that can be used to further refine the report.  The first Show Proposals selection  allows the user to choose All, Active (not Inactive and not Complete), Inactive, or Complete Proposals.  The second Show Proposals selection allows the user to show Proposals that have or have not yet received a Deposit from the Client.  The Project Contact information may also be optionally displayed.