Purchase Order Labels and Envelopes Report

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The Purchase Order Labels and Envelopes Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Mailing Labels and Envelopes folder and allows the user to print mailing labels on Avery #5260 labels and addresses on envelopes for open Purchase Orders.


po label report window


Labels or envelopes for Purchase Orders can be generated for ranges of Vendor Codes, Project Codes, and Purchase Order Dates.  Choose either Labels or Envelopes on the Mailing Format option.  The labels or envelopes can be sorted by Vendor Name or Zip Code as determined by the Sort By selection.  When printing on a partially used label sheet, the Start on Row and Start on Column menus can be used to indicate to Design Manager where printing on the label sheet should begin.  Certain Ink Jet printers draw the envelope through in the opposite direction from a laser printer.  In this case change the Printer Type to “Ink Jet.”  The Vendor Contact Name can be optionally displayed using the Show Contact Name selection.  If the Vendor Contact Name is the same as the Vendor Name, it might be desirable to set the Show Contact Name to No to avoid printing the name twice.