Quoting Multilayered and Specialty Designs

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The secret to quoting larger multilayered and specialty designs is to break down the design in its treatment parts.  You can add multiple treatments to a design by using the Multi-Group button on the Quick Quote Window.


Start out your design as normal by specifying the first part of your overall design.



quick quote window - example add treatment


Next, click the Multi-Group button and choose the next part of your design on the Treatment Search Window.


qquote search

When a second treatment group is added to your design, Quick Quote will ask you to enter the name of your overall design.


qq enter name specialty design

Another tab will be added to the left for the new treatment group so you can change all of the Components.  There will also be a new tab to the right side entitled “Main Design” for you to enter information and a picture of your overall design.


quick quote window - example special trmt