Remarks / Notes Window

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Clicking on the Add or Edit buttons on the Remarks / Notes Glossary Window or Remarks / Notes Search Window will open the Remarks Window.  Remarks are used to store Proposal and Invoice Remarks for your Clients, Special Instructions to your Vendors, Item or Component Descriptions or phrases, or any text that you repeated utilize.  Here new Remarks may be added and existing Remarks may be changed.  To add a Remark, enter a Remark Code in the Code field and all of your desired text in the Remark memo field.  For information on formatting your Remark, see Description/Note Formatting.  To edit a Remark, simply make the desired changes to the text or formatting.  To change a Remark Code, you must delete the entire entry and add a new entry.  See the Delete function on the Remarks / Notes Glossary Window.


remark window


Code: This Code is used to define a particular Remark.  Up to five characters may be used.  Characters may be letters and/or numbers.


Remark: The desired Remark/Note text.