Report Printing

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Design Manager report printing is handled by your web browser. When you run a report, the report will open inside a browser page as a PDF file. Report ranges and options selected will remain on the report window until it is closed.


View a Report:

To view a report, click on the Run Report button. The report will open in a tab of your default web browser as a PDF file. You can view, download, or print the report from there. Your browser controls these functions.





Chrome browser view of report:





Email a Report:

To Email your report - after running the report, select the Email Last Report Run option.





A window will appear with the link to the last report run attached. Enter the email address and optionally a message.

Then select Send.




Copy a Report Link:

If you choose the Copy Link of Last Report Run option, the link will be copied to your clipboard.  You can paste it into any web browser to open it, or add it to an email to send to another user or a client.


Download an Excel or Document Report File:

To export a report to Excel or Rich Text Format (Document Format), select the Run Report drop down. Then select your Export option.



The file can be found wherever your downloaded items typically save (you may even see your web browser open and see the file being downloaded).


Chrome browser view of an exported report: