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RGIS is the market leader in providing world-wide Inventory services. Design Manager includes an Import/Export function in our Inventory system, so that you can Export a CSV file to provide RGIS with your current Design Manager Inventory Items and count.  They do all the work.  When they are finished counting your inventory, they can provide you with an updated CSV file to Import back into Design Manager.  *You MUST have the Data Collection module in Design Manager to utilize the RGIS functions.


To Export your file to RGIS:


1. Go to Inventory - Remote Data Collection


remote data collection menu


data collection


2. Choose the RGIS Export rgis button.


3. Browse your computer to Save the File in a place you will be able to retrieve it.


The CSV file will contain the following columns in this order: Stock Number, On Hand Quantity, Bar Code, Description, Estimated Unit Cost, Unit Sell Price.


RGIS export


Inactive Stock Items will appear on the list first.  If you do not wish to include these in your count, delete them from the CSV file before giving it to RGIS.


Hand over your file to RGIS.  They will count your inventory and return a new CSV file with the updated Inventory Items.



To Import your file from RGIS:


1. Follow the directions to add a new Physical Count here.


2. When you have reached the Upload section, choose to use the RGIS Import as your Scanning Device. Choose OK.


select scanner - rgis import


3. Follow the Upload instructions to complete the Physical Count in Design Manager using the RGIS Import.



For pricing and Information on RGIS Inventory counting solutions, contact RGIS.

Website: http://www.rgis.com/us_en/

Phone: 800-551-9130