Sales Journal

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The Sales Journal is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Receivable folder and provides a detail listing of all Client Invoices posted for a specified fiscal period.


sales journal report window


The Sales Journal requires a fiscal period to be entered.  Information on the report includes the Invoice Number and Date, Transaction Description, Client and Project Codes, Invoice Sale Amount, Sales Tax, Deposit Applied, Balance Due, Cost Transferred from Work in Process to Cost of Goods Sold, Cost Transferred from Inventory to Cost of Goods Sold, and the portion of the total Invoice Sale Amount attributed to each Component Type.  Ranges for Client and Project Codes are available to optionally narrow the scope of the report.  Three Sales Journal Summaries will appear at the end of the report.  The Sales Category Summary displays the revenue from all Client Invoices by Component Type for each Sales Category utilized over the fiscal period.  The Account Summary lists the net Credit or Debit balance for each Account affected in the fiscal period.  The Invoice Adjustments Summary lists all Invoice Adjustments that were posted into the fiscal period and is used primarily to identify any differences between the total Sales on the report and the balances displayed on the Account Summary.