Sales Tax Code Glossary Window

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The Sales Tax Code Glossary Window provides a complete list of Sales Tax Codes used by your company.  A Sales Tax Code tells Design Manager how to charge sales tax for Items in a Project.  You will need to enter a Sales Tax Code for each authority for which you collect sales tax.  These codes are usually state abbreviations, but may be counties or cities.  If you are not required to collect sales tax, you will still need to set up at least one Tax Code that has a rate of 0%. You will not be able to enter a Project without a Sales Tax Code assigned.  Clicking on the Add or Edit buttons will open the Sales Tax Code Window where you may add new Sales Tax Codes and edit existing ones.


To delete a Sales Tax Code, highlight the entry and click on the Delete button.  A Sales Tax Code cannot be deleted if it has been assigned to a Project.  A message will appear to alert you when this is the case.  However, the Sales Tax Code can be marked Inactive.  This means that the Sales Tax Code will no longer appear in the Sales Tax Code Glossary or certain reports.  In order to review the Sales Tax Code currently indicated as Inactive, click the Show Inactive option.  To reopen an Inactive Sales Tax Code, click the Show Inactive option, edit the Sales Tax Code, and unselect the Inactive option on the Sales Tax Code Window.


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