Sales Tax Report

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The Sales Tax Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Accounts Receivable folder and is the primary tool in determining the sales tax owed to various tax authorities for a given calendar period.


sales tax report window


The Sales Tax Report takes a calendar date range representing the tax period for which the company is currently reporting.  The date range defaults to the first and last day of the current system month but can be changed.  The report lists each Client Invoice dated within the date range requested grouped and subtotaled by State, followed by Tax Authority within the State.  Information on the Sales Tax Report includes the Invoice Number and Date, Project, Client, Non-taxable and Taxable Sales, Sales Tax, and the total Invoice Amount.  Following the totals for a given Tax Authority, each Tax Calculation for the Sales Tax Code will be displayed with an analysis of the Non-taxable and Taxable Sales, Sales Tax, and Invoice Amount by Component Type.