Setting Up the HT580 and PT2000 Portable Data Collectors

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Instructions to attach the scanner to your computer and to load the proper device drives will come with your scanner . The HT580 and PT2000 scanners must be loaded with Design Manager’s Data Collection System Software before they can be used with Design Manager.  If you purchased your scanner through Design Manager, Inc., then the software has been pre-loaded into your scanner and there is nothing further to do.  Should the scanner be purchased through a source other than Design Manager, the scanner will still have to be sent to Design Manager to have the correct programming loaded onto the device (extra charges will apply for this service).


See the link for Scanner Installation instructions here:



The HT580 and PT2000 scanners' main menu's should have 6 choices: 1-Proj., 2-Rec’v., 3-Move, 4-Delvr., 5-List, 6-Count.  If the scanner does not display these choices then the scanner probably is not programmed.


DC main menu


Charging the batteries

It is important that the scanner’s batteries are charged for 8 to 12 hours before the first time that the scanner is used (this excludes the CS 1504).  The batteries must be charged if a low battery warning is appearing or occasionally flashes in the display window.  To charge the batteries simply leave the scanner in the docking station.  When the charge battery light in on it means that the scanner in seated properly and the batteries are charging.  Failure to charge the batteries may result in lost data or permanent damage to the rechargeable batteries within the scanner.


Resetting the Unit

On occasion the scanner can stop functioning properly.  This is usually due to a power surge, dropping the unit, or letting the batteries run down too low.  In this condition there may be no choice but to reset the unit.  Resetting the scanner will lose any scanned items that may be loaded into your scanner.


To reset the PT2000 unit, turn the power off.  Slide open the battery door on the back of the scanner and remove the NiCad rechargeable battery.  Finally, reinsert the battery while holding down the Alpha and Enter buttons together on the front of the scanner. You do not have to reload the software as it is stored in nonvolatile memory within the scanner.


To reset the HT580 unit, turn the power off.  Hold down the ALPHA button while turning the power back on.  After the unit powers up, select #3, “DMDC” from the menu.