Specifying - Adding Items and Components to Your Project

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Specifying in Design Manager terminology refers to the entering of information about the materials that will be used in your Client’s Project and is the most fundamental process in Design Manager, driving all other Project Management functions.  At the time that one begins specifying, all of the details about such materials may not be known.  For example, it may be known that a custom sofa intended for a Project will require a certain number of yards of fabric.  The Vendor of the sofa itself may also be known.  However, the specific fabric itself may not yet be known.  Design Manager does not require for all of the information about the sofa to be recorded at the same time.  In the sofa example, you can enter the yardage and the intended Vendor of the sofa.  The specific fabric may be entered later when the Client has made a final decision.  All of the information can also be changes as necessary if a different Vendor is used for the sofa or more fabric is required than originally thought.  From this example, you can see that entering of Specifications is a dynamic process.


Specifications Window


Using Groups


Using Specification Sheets and Templates


Transferring Specifications to Other Projects or Inventory


Using the Catalog