Transaction Register Report

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The Transaction Register Report is accessed through the Reports Window, General Ledger folder  and is used to display accounting transaction based upon on variety of criteria from the user.

trans reg report window


The Transaction Register Report is a powerful and flexible accounting tool that can be used to identify fiscal transactions based upon ranges for Account Numbers, Fiscal Months, Clients, Projects, Vendors, Transactions Numbers, and Transaction Dates.  Transactions for a particular Account Type (Asset, Expense, etc.), Transaction Type (Vendor Deposits, Retainers, Client Invoices, etc.), and User  can also be displayed.  Transactions pertaining to a single Check Number can be shown using the Check Number field.  When using the Transaction Date range, the Date Selection menu determines whether transactions with the appropriate Posted to G/L or Keyed date will be shown.  The Posted to G/L date is the date recorded on the transaction window by the user while the Keyed date is the system date upon which the user physically entered the transaction.  The Show Revisions option shows detail information about changes made to transactions along with voided transactions.  The Transaction Register Report has columns for Transaction Type, Number, and Date, Fiscal Month, User who entered the transaction, Keyed Date, Project or Vendor Code and Name, Purchase Order and Proposal Numbers, Check and Journal Entry Numbers, Offset Account, Transaction Description, and the Debit or Credit affect upon the Account from the transaction.  Some columns will obviously be left blank if the column does not pertain to the particular transaction being displayed.