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The Utilities Window can be accessed from File - Utilities.  There are two utilities from which to choose.

file - utilities



utilites window


Back-up the Database


This option will launch a simple Back-up Utility that can be used to archive the Design Manager database.  First, you will be asked to confirm that you want to exit Design Manager, choose Yes and the Back-up Window will appear.   Note:You can run a back-up when other users are in Design Manager if you are on a multi-user system; however, it will run faster if the users are logged out of the program during this time.


dm pro cloud BU window


You have the option on whether or not to include the pictures loaded into your Items in your back-up.  Design Manager recommends that you always include pictures unless a smaller back-up is absolutely required.


Choose OK after making the selection.


When the Back-up Window appears, it will state that it is setting up, which may take several minutes depending on the size of your database.  After the setting up phase concludes, you may select/browse to a drive to where you would like to save the back-up.  If the drive you selected is a non-removable disk (i.e., zip cartridge, flash drive, etc.), you will be asked to specify a folder.


dm pro cloud BU - windows explorer window


Note that you may not be able to save a back-up directly to a CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-RW drive.  Most disk writers require special software to record files onto the disks.  You must store the back-up on your hard drive first and then write the file to the disk using the software supplied by the manufacturer of your computer or CD write program.  The Design Manager Back-up file is entitled DMPRO80BU_DATE_TIME.ZIP.



***Cloud users do NOT need to back-up routinely, as the database back-up is handled by Design Manager automatically.



Restore a Back-up


The Restore function can be used to retrieve a back-up file created earlier using the Back-up Utility as described above.  A back-up should only be restored when your data is completely lost. Restoring a back-up can result in the loss of all data entered since the back-up was created.


To restore a back-up, select the drive and the folder where the back-up is saved.