Vendor Insurance Window

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The Vendor Insurance Window is used to record insurance policy information for a particular Vendor and is accessed by clicking the Add or Edit buttons on the Vendor / Payee Window - Defaults - Insurance section.


vendor insurance window


Select the type of Insurance Policy in the Policy Type menu which has the following options: General Liability, Workers Compensation, Occupational License, Certification of Exemption, and Other.  Input the insurance company and policy number into the Insurance Carrier and License/Policy Number fields, respectively.  If the Insurance Policy has a date of inception, enter the date into the Effective Date field.  The ending date of the Insurance Policy should be entered into the Expiration Date field.  The Active option determines whether or not the Insurance Policy is currently being used.  For example, if a Vendor has had an Insurance Policy renewed and provides the information, enter a new Insurance Policy but don't set it as Active until the Effective Date.


If the Vendor has an Active policy, but the Expiration Date has been passed, upon entering all Vendor Payables for the Vendor, the user will be warned that the Insurance Policy has expired.